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Residential Services

At Signature Title, our goal is to be Personally Involved in each of our residential transactions. A qualified and knowledgeable attorney will be involved in every aspect of your closing, from start to finish. We do not delegate your important needs to non-attorney notaries or paralegals. This means that you are assured the Highest Quality, Dependable Closing Experience available. We know that a consistent level of professional service is what our clients deserve.

We offer a Wide Range of Residential Real Estate Services to insure that each of our closings proceeds as smoothly as possible. We have experience in real estate acquisitions, financing, title insurance and property rights. Through our association with the attorneys of Graves Carley, L.L.P., our residential real estate services include:

  1. Residential Real Estate Transactions (Including New and Existing Home Purchases, Refinance Transactions, Donations, Partitions, Exchanges, etc.)
  2. Residential Development Issues
  3. Title Insurance Services
  4. Title Examinations
  5. Title Opinions
  6. Purchase Agreement Drafting & Negotiations
  7. Assistance with Title Issues
  8. 1031 Exchange Services

Signature Title is also a licensed title insurance provider and has extensive experience in providing title insurance services to our clients and lenders. We are licensed agents of Stewart Title Guaranty Company in order to provide each of our clients with the necessary protection against the covered risks involved in any real estate transaction.

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